Over forty years of changing ordinary tableware into works of art and whimsy!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1: When and how did you start to make crafts from flatware?
Spoonman Spoon Handle ring
A-1: I started making spoonhandle rings in the summer of 1971 after I had seen one in a shop in Seattle, where I was living at the time. After selling a few at a garage sale, I continued by going to flea markets in the Salem, Oregon area. Since June of 1974, I've been selling every weekend at the Portland Saturday Market, a large outdoor craft market (open Saturday and Sunday, March thru Christmas) in Portland, Oregon.
Q-2: What material is used to make the spooncrafts? A-2: I create most of my crafts from silverplated flatware. Its beautiful finish and malleability make it ideal for my creations. Solid brass, which is the metal often beneath silverplate, and some stainless steel are used. If you happen to visit our booth at the Portland Saturday Market, you can also see a selection of sterling silver jewelry.
Q-3: Where do you get your silverware? A-3: Some I buy from people who frequent my booth at Portland Saturday Market or other craft fairs. Also, friends who have second-hand stores and antique shops save up flatware for me to purchase on a regular basis. And, for the past several years, I have been fortunate to receive scrap and seconds from a major silverware manufacturer. All of my brass is acquired in this way. Much of the curled fork jewelry is from new silverware.
Q-4: Do you make all the spooncrafts yourself? A-4: Mostly. Our children and some of their friends helped a lot as they were growing up. Now that they are grown, it is just my wife, myself, and Eric who followed our son home from college has been working alongside of Mike since 1990.
Q-5: I have old family silverware. Can you make something for me from them? A-5: Yes, I do this often. We have over 30 years experience crafting silverware, but sometimes it does strange things. We will treat yours with the utmost care, but cannot guarantee it won't break, chip, or crack. We charge 50% more than our catalog price for an item made with your silverware, due to the extra time it will take. For more information, give us a call or see us at a fair.
Q-6: I've seen crafts like yours in other parts of the country. Are they yours? A-6: Possibly. Our crafts have been featured in several national magazines and have been seen on network television. Although I don't have a corner on the spooncraft market, my crafts are sold to shops throughout the United States. Spoonman Creations gives a quantity discount to those shops who register with us. If you want more information, give me a call and I'll send you our resale packet.
Q-7: Is my personal information safe with you? A-7: Yes, we do not rent, sell, or give away the names on our mailing list. If you call us, our phone recorder is in a secure location and it is safe to leave your information on it. Your credit card number is only used for the products ordered and not kept on file. We treat your personal information with the respect we would want others to treat ours.
Q-8: How fast can I expect to receive my order? A-8: We will ship within a week. Most items we have in stock or can be made within a couple of days. We use UPS as our normal shipping agent. They need a street address to deliver and can take 8 business days to reach the east coast from here(the great north wet!). You can select rapid shipping at checkout, but it will cost you a bit more. It gets rather hectic around Halloween and Christmas, so please plan ahead.
Q-9: How do I get on your mailing list? A-9: Call, write, or email us and we will be glad to let you know if we are doing a craft fair in your area.
Q-10: Your jewelry looks so bright. What kind of polish do you use? A-10: I use a process called mass finishing. It involves tumbling parts in a barrel with small steel beads. It's similar to, though not exactly like, rock tumbling. Any silver polish will keep your Spoonman Jewelry bright and shiny. Silverplate chimes, after hanging outside for years, will never be as bright and shiny as new. Another chime option is our 18-8 stainless steel chime.
Q-11: How many pieces of silverware do you use in a year? A-11: We usually cut up and use between 40,000 and 60,000 pieces of flatware yearly. mk-grinder signature
Q-12: Can I sell you my flatware? A-12: We are always buying non-magnetic silverware, both silverplated and stainless steel (no zinc please). We currently pay $0.40 each for stainless steel and $0.40 each for silverplate. If you are in the area of one of our fairs bring them by, or give us a call for shipping info.
Q-13: How do I get a catalog? A-13: This year, we're being green and not mailing a paper catalog. If you can't find what you are looking for, use our contact us page for help.
Q-14: I really like your stuff. But I'm having trouble copying it. Will you help? A-14: We've been creating our products, learning tricks and and refining our skills for nearly 40 years. Call us after you've tried for 40 years. We'll compare notes.
Q-15: What kind of drugs are you on when you dream these things up? A-15: We do this instead of drugs. It is a type of therapy.
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