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November at Spoonman

November is a time to stop and reflect how fortunate we are...enjoy family dinners .... and take a breather before the Holiday Season starts in earnest. Take a look at some of the Spoonman Table Setting ideas for your Thanksgiving feasts -- we have picked out a baker's dozen of our favorite ways to brighten up your holiday meal..

Spoonman Halloween...redux...

Ok...so you went to a Halloween party and came home JAZZED to order the Spoonman Creations you saw at the party. We still have them online AND at Portland Saturday Market...Our customer favorite Halloween accessory this year was our Syringe In Your Head (YIKES!) which squeezed ahead of the all-time favorite Cleaver Thru Your Head. You can see a fun selection here.

Spoonman at Portland Saturday(and Sunday Too!) Market

Spoonman and the rest of the Saturday Market (and Sunday Too!) vendors will be here weekends thru December 24th. Come see us any Saturday(10am - 5pm) or Sunday(11am 4:30pm), enjoy the beautiful fall weather (ahem), a variety live music, food and craftsmen at the market...on the way, of course, to the Spoonman booth! Listen for the windchimes, look for the crowd! Advantages of seeing Spoonman (Live!) are: you experience the energy and fun in person, save on shipping, and see new items we haven't put here on our online catalog yet.... But if you can't get to downtown Portland, our online catalog is always open, or you could email a special request on our Contact Us page.


This time of year always brings questions about getting a printed copy of our catalog — Nope, we quit wasting all that paper when we brought our catalog online — complete with item search capability and current information ~ just go to our menu and tap or click the "Shop" link to select a category ~ or browse thru them all.

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