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Did you do all the reading on your summer reading list?
Yep… it's that time already. We're pretty sure you can't wear our Pencil Thru Your Head to school…but it could be the hit of the Back to School Party! As you and your family head out to get educated, be sure to have Sporks for lunchboxes, new barrettes and other accessories, and bribes (er…I mean gifts) for your teachers. If you'd rather be fishing than doing your algebra or studying French conjugations, we do have a (fish) School Windchime, and other "I'd rather be fishing" items to enhance your daydreams.

We are still havin' fun in Portland… The Portland Saturday Market (and Sunday Too!) is an enchanting place to be every weekend. Touristing in your own back yard is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family, wade in the market fountain, get an ice cream, and of course stop by the Spoonman booth for your back to school fun stuff, and pose for your latest facebook selfies.